Adrian's KTM1190 R - Cruise Control
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One of the main reasons I have not purchased a KTM1190 before is the fact that Cruise Control was not available.  We have over 12,000 speed
cameras in the UK.  Where I live in Cambridgeshire there a long sections of road with Average Speed Cameras, it is hard to ride at large capacity bike
at 40 mph mile after mile on a empty road.  Searching the WWW I discovered that McCruise in Australia offer an aftermarket cruise control kit.  There is
a UK supplier and the cost was £635.  With this in mind I decided to sell my Tiger 800XCx and purchased my KTM1190R.  I ordered the McCruise Kit
and fitted it myself.  The instructions are excellent, very detailed but you do need to be a competent mechanic. I fitted the kit in around 6 hours, much
of which involved working out how to strip my KTM down for the first time and how to reassemble it.
The components in the McCruise Kit.  Plenty of wires and an
Cruise Computer that fits behind  the rear seat
The Cruise operating switch which is on a bracket that fits under left rear
view mirror.  This mirror has a Left hand thread and the lower mirror mount is
a conventional thread.  It takes 30 mins to work this one out.
The wiring loom has plugs and sockets that connect well to all the KTM wiring,
most of the wires connect up behind the headstock.  Cruise needs to get a signal
from Front Brake, Clutch, Throttle sensor, Back Brake, ABS, Speedo, Ignition
Coil, 12v Power, Earth etc. These leads have to be threaded down the right hand
side of the engine.  All this is fiddly fortunately McCruise supply plenty of cable
ties.  It is worth spending an hour routing and re-routing cables to get a neat
installation whilst ensuring that the cables do not touch the engine.
There are lots of extra wires behind those white cable ties
Finally I took to the road and the McCruise works perfectly.  I have to switch it on with the RH button.  McCruise will not work until you are moving and I have operated the clutch
and both brakes.  Then I simply ride up to your desired speed, press SET and Cruise is working.  In can increase of decrease speed 1 MPH or 1KPH at a time.  To disable cruise
use either brake or the clutch.  It all works, an excellent accessory in my opinion.
McCruise kit for KTM 1190 Adventure
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