Adrian's KTM1190 R - Extras 1
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One of the first extras I fitted was a Heed Sump Guard to replace the silly bit of plastic supplied as standard.  I went for the painted steel option.  
This Guard is not strong enough to protect the sump if I wanted to ride over large rocks and trees (Where do you do that in Europe).  It does
protect the engine off road, as a bonus when I ride on newly top dressed roads I can hear the small stones hitting the guard which is a good
safety feature.  With the standard brackets I felt the Heed was mounted too far forward and to low.  So I modified the brackets to move the Sump
Guard back 20mm and up 12mm.  Now it fits snug to the engine.
Standard mountings on left and my modified mountings on the right
I had to grind off some metal from both sides of the Sump Guard to make it fit , the final look is neat, tidy and functional. Works well in practice.
Touratech Side Stand Foot
A Din Socket fitted to the cockpit (Centre) and I fitted an orange watch face as a clock.
This Akrapovic silencer came fitted to my bike, a bit large but it sounds good.
Wiring inside cockpit for Din Plug, 12v USB Charger and LED
Day-lime running lights for my Hand Guards.  Good to see that KTM
supply power connections to the cockpit which are easy to use.
One issue with KTM1190's is the fact that the speedo is hopelessly optimistic.  My bike
registered 70mph while my GPS confirmed I was actually travelling at 62mph my speedo over
read by 12%.  The solution is to buy new 44T ABS rings from Australia, cost me about £40.  
When fitted my Speedo is now within 1 mph of the true speed.  KTM should not be allowed to
sell bikes with Speedo's more than 10% inaccurate.  I thought this short of thing stopped in the
Metal Radiator Guard