Adrian's KTM1190 R - Extras 2
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My KTM 1190R came with Continental Trail Attack tyres. Not a bad tyre but I soon
fitted my current favourites Continental TKC70's.  Great on road, great in the wet
and not too bad off road either if it is dry and dusty.
The standard KTM Handguards seem designed to deflect rocks and stones but they offer limited weather protection.  I recently rode 400 miles in
constant rain.  So I decided to fit some Triumph Handguards from a 1200 Explorer, these cost me £29 on eBay new without fittings.  Then I had to
buy the Triumph Inner Bar Ends £10 each to match the plastic moulding.  With a few minutes machining on my lathe the results are perfect.  I also
fitted a strip of 12v LED's as Daytime running lights, these work really well, they are wired in to the pilot light.
My bike came with a KTM SatNav mount.  I fitted my old Garmin 790 mount (All cables removed).  Then I made another one of my famous GPS Bus shelters in
3mm and 4mm ply, I attach a Garmin Rain cover to the back of the bus shelter, this clips in and out of the Garmin Mount.  I use my current phone a Galaxy Note 9
as my SatNav, this is held in place with 3M Velcro.  This set up has worked for me for 9 years on 5 different bikes and 4 different mobiles.
For extensive off-road riding in Portugal I fitted a set of
Tractionator tyres, imported from Australia by
AdventureSpec into the UK.  These tyres are excellent off
road, they last surprisingly well and give an amazing
amount of grip on dry mountain tarmac.  A top tyre in my
Rear Master Cylinder Guard in Aluminium, should improve cooling