Adrian's KTM1190 R - Lowering Suspension
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I purchased this m25x1.5 extension from
Merlin Motorsport for £8.  I had to turn
down the nut section on my lathe to match
the stem diameter on the KTM.  I then
made a 25mm collar to slide over the top.  I
needed to shim the top yoke (Triple
Clamp) with 15 thou of inch shim to
achieve a perfect fit
I sent my shock to Race
Suspension Services in
Chorley.  They inserted
a 10mm spacer internally
to reduce the scroke.  
This lowered the rear
ride heit by 33mm or 1
3/8". Which is perfect for
I then removed the side
stand and cut 33mm of
the length and welded it
back together.  I could at
bought a standard
KTM1190  side stand off
ebay for £70.  
I have not shortened the
main stand.  it is harder
to get the KTM on the
main stand now it sits
33mm lower but the
effort is less than getting
my Tiger 800 or Tiger
1200 on their main