Adrian's KTM1190 R - Lowering Suspension
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So  purchased this m25 x 1.5 steel extension from Merlin Motorsport for £8 (Below Left).  I had to turn down the nut section on my lathe to match the external stem
diameter on the KTM.  I then made a 25mm collar to slide over the top.  I needed to shim the top section of the extension with 15 thousands of inch shim to achieve a
perfect fit.  It works perfectly.  I love this kind of problem solving.  
I need to add a warning here:  The standard fork is designed to avoid contact with the 1190R
radiator and bodywork by 15mm on full compression.  By raising the fork leg 33mm if I fully compress the forks the mudguard will hit something and momentarily jam the
steering.  I have checked my fork movement and at the moment even on the biggest hits I have 60mm of unused travel left. I weight 12st or 168lb, I use light fabric
luggage and I travel light, also I ride off road in a standing position to help absorb any undulations.  In Europe we cannot race around on trails at high speed so this
solution works for me.  It will not suit a heavier and/or fast riders who ride off road on unknown trails at high speed.
Having lowered my 1190R by 33mm both the Sidestand and the
Centrestand were now too long.  So I removed the side stand and cut
33mm off the length, machined some steel to fit inside as a
strengthener and welded it back together.  Alternatively I could at
bought a standard KTM1190  side stand off eBay for £70.   With the
standard Centrestand it was very difficult to get my lowered bike on to
the main stand. So I purchased a used CentreStand off eBay for £29
and I shortened this by 33m, same as my Sidestand.  I can now raise
the my KTM1190R onto the Centrestand wearing carpet slippers.
I much prefer the look of the 1190 "R" version and I like the fact that the suspension in simple, old school.  However this is the tall version of a tall bike
and it challenged my 31" inseam.  No problem when riding but when touring with luggage it is so easy to topple over on a steep, off-camber junction.  
So I wanted to lower the suspension by over an inch.  I searched the WWW and came up with this solution that works for me.  I weigh 168 lbs, I ride solo
and I travel light.
First lower the rear Shock.  I sent my to Race Suspension Services in Chorley who fitted an internal spacer to reduce shock length by 10mm (A 10mm
reduction is shock length = 33mm reduction in ride height).  RSS performed an excellent job for £100 plus return postage.
With the standard spring and spring compressor on minimum this solution had some issues.  I only had 10mm of static sag because the standard
spring was too long for my shortened shock.  My KTM handled well at speed but it gave a horrible ride round town constantly topping out.  So I
purchased a HyperPro Spring designed to reduce Ride height by 30mm on the "R" model.  The HyperPro spring is progressive design which gives a
softer ride in early part of the travel and a harder spring rate on full travel.  The finished result with the shortened shock and the HyperPro spring is
better than stock.  I now have the correct static sag, I have a reasonably smooth, compliant ride round town at low speed, which means I will get more
grip off road and my suspension copes well on bumpy roads at speed.
Shortened shock + Std Spring
Std Spring next to HyperPro.  Looks the same
height but with weight applied the HyperPro  
reduces ride height by 30mm
Spring removal tool!
Shortened Shock + HyperPro
Having sorted the shock I needed to lower the front suspension by 33mm.  The front forks allow for some adjustment and I could raise the fork legs through the Triple
but not enough to give me 33mm.  Again searching the WWW the solution seemed to be to raise the top Triple Clamp by 30mm.  There was a kit offered in
Australia but this was out of stock and expensive to buy and ship to the UK.
I cut this amount of 33mm of my Sidestand
and both legs of my centrestand
My original Centrestand and my shortened replacement stand side by side
for comparison
Disassembled Shock components on an 1190R.  There is no screw thread
on the spring retainer so the standard spring could not be adjusted
sufficiently to provide the correct static sag.  KTM use this shock on the
KX85 kiddy MX bike so it is fairly low spec, old school.