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I needed to find some luggage for my 1190R.  I have my old Aluminium Panniers but they will never fit round the large Akrapovic silencer.  I went to
the SportsBikeShop in Boston, Lincs.  They let me hold a range of different fabric panniers up to my bike and I decided on the Dianese option
because of their shape.  I intended to fit the panniers to brackets rather than have them flapping around on the Velcro straps supplied.
The panniers fit well and total weight of panniers and brackets is under 2kgs.  My Panniers are not waterproof so I carry the contents in a 20L
Canoe Bag inside each pannier.
I purchased these Cruiser Luggage rack components from eBay then cut and welded them to
fit my KTM. They bolt on using existing mounting holes.
The RH pannier has some heat resistant material on the
underside, just to be safe I fitted an additional layer of
exhaust heat padding held in place by 3mm ply
sandwiched together.  There are some amusing You
Tube videos showing clothing falling out of melted fabric
To finish off I have fitted a strap which connects from the
bottom of one pannier to the bottom of the other.  This pulls
then up and inwards to stop them moving around when I
.My KTM came supplied with 2 Rock Straps
I fitted 2 small bags to my crash-bars.  One holds my toolkit, fitted in a 2
Litre Dry bag £4 from eBay.  The other holds my compressor and puncture
repair kit, also inside a Dry bag.  This means I no longer to have to remove
my seat to access tools.  I use the space under my seat to store a 20,000
mah USB accessory battery which is charging up as I ride.
I have installed my Wunderlich Bar Bag.  This fits well now that I have removed
the KTM Handguards and replaced then with Triumph Explorer Handguards.
I always like a good drinking system so I installed a cheap water system from
eBay.  Held in place with Velcro round the headstock and straps to my KTM
Crash Bars.