Adrian's KTM1190 R - Luggage 2, Dual Seat option and BMW Tool Box
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Now that I have owned my 1190R for 3 years I have made a few new luggage options.  Sometimes I like to carry one large bag strapped to the rear
seat but the standard one piece Adventure seat is raised with a pronounced hump.  I have been able to buy a secondhand front seat from the
standard S version for £40 and a ripped rear seat for £10.  I had a flat piece of 4mm aluminium cut to shape, I fitted this in place of the seat foam
mounted on wood blocks to the correct height.  I packed all the gaps with expanding foam then pulled the vinyl back up to cover the sides and glued
a silicon non slip oven matt over the top.

Phase 2 will be to trim the foam on the front seat to lower the seat and reduce the width so I can get my feet down more easily.
Finished rear seat in place giving me a flat, grippy surface to hold a large bag.  I went to Scotland during COVID as a precaution I took my pillow
and all my bedding with me.  In the current crisis a large (But not heavy) 60L bag is the way to go.
4mm Aluminium cut to my design by
Lasermaster in Redruth
The aluminium fitted to the KTM seat base and gaps filled with expanding foam.  I then pulled
up the standard vinyl and glued it to the aluminium before gluing silicon sheet on top.
The same set-up with my optional 23L top box in place.  I avoid riding with a top box if I
at all possible.  This 23L item from M&P will store my X-Lite 551 Adventure Helmet and
gloves which is handy when out on a bike trip when I want to walk around.
Below these BMW Toolboxes are sold on eBay for £40.  I want
somewhere secure to store my thin waterproofs or maybe a drink
and something to eat.  The box is design to fit inside BMW LH
pannier brackets.  I found it easy to mount on the KTM Adventure, I
fabricated a 3/4 inch spacer for the rear mount.