Adrian's KTM1190 R - Performance Tuning
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These Dyno charts show the difference in BHP and torque comparing a Tiger 800 and the KTM1190R.  Basically at 6,500 revs my KTM produces
the same power as my old Tiger 800.  On the road the KTM is really quick.  I can ride sedately, change up early and enjoy the torquey twin engine.  
If I want to open her up the scenery rushes towards me at an alarming rate.  I see no need to add extra power, my KTM is plenty fast enough.  With
the 95bhp Off Road setting my bike had all the power I required in Portugal either on track or on road.  I have ridden fast with other bikes and never
felt the need for more power,  Someone tried to out accelerate me on a Fireblade and I just breezed past because the 1190 has more usable torque
Akrapovic Silencer
The KTM1190 has a know issue with dust
particles getting in where the air box lid joins
the air box.  I fitted this Foam Gasket from
Unifilter to fix the issue. Available in the UK
through Touratech.
dust is very fine.