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Last updated  22 February 2021
This is my KTM1190 R purchased in February
2018 less than 3 yrs old, 2,900 miles.  My bike
came with Akrapovic silencer, mesh headlamp
cover, TPMS, Heated Grips, Tubleless Wheels,
21"Front, 18" Rear, Bosch cornering ABS, crash
bungs, Garmin Mount etc.   She handled well on
the way home with 20kg of boxes on the back
and gave me 60 mpg.  But I was on extreme
tippy toe
....and this is what my 1190R it looks like now after I have made a few modifications.  Read
all about them on this site
.So far I have ridden a further 17,000 miles in 3 years and...

  • Lowered suspension by 33mm or 1 3/8"
  • Fitted aftermarket Cruise Control
  • Fitted taller standard screen from 1190 Adventure
  • Fitted Dianese Panniers to adapted cruiser pannier frames
  • Fitted Continental TKC70 Trail Tyres
  • Fitted Custom Sticker Kit from Hyena.IT
  • Fitted Head Sump Guard
  • Fitted Triumph Hand Guards
  • Made GPS Mount for my phone
  • Fitted new ABS rings to calibrate speedo more accurately
  • Fitted second DIN Charger socket in cockpit.
  • Fitted hard wired 12v USB chargers in cockpit and under seat
  • Fitted Crash-Bar Bags and Handlebar Bag
  • Fitted some Bling
  • Ridden Wales, Scotland, the Alps, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and Luxembourg